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President’s message

Dr. Gabriela Iorgulescu - presedinte

The Romanian Academic Society of Behavioral Sciences wants to draw a strong warning on certain behavioral problems that may affect the social and personal life of individuals. Together with doctors, authorities, specific organizations and mass media we have the willing to help at preventing and improving these behavioral imbalances, bringing more quality to life. "

Dr. Gabriela Iorgulescu
MDD, BA, MA, Psychology,
PhD Medicine Associate Professor,
"Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest

Elements of Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience in Dentistry

Presentation: Elements of Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience in Dentistry is a valuable course support, absolutely necessary for students of the Faculty of Dentistry, but also a material for consecrated doctors who have not had the possibility to study behavioral sciences, a relatively new field in Romania. It is also useful for those who want to inform themselves about the behavioral sciences, regardless of their field of work. This first edition of the book explores the vast and related field of behavioral sciences both in theory and in clinical practice, especially in dentistry, offering to students and practitioners a modern vision of the latest research in the field. The book provides numerous extremely interesting subjects, such as hypnosis, bio and neurofeedback, mindfulness, anxiety, doctor-patient communication strategies.
This book brings together contributions from experts in each main subspecialty of Behavioral Sciences in dentistry, but also contributions of colleagues from both the Faculty of General Medicine and the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest.
They are completed by national experts as professor dr. I. B. Iamandescu who made numerous contributions in medical psychology and Romanian psychosomatic, and also a number of internationally renowned personalities such as Don Godman, PhD, clinical pain psychologist, professor at UCLA California, and Donald Meichenbaum, PhD, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, from whom I received the permission to publish materials research and eloquent photographs with the case studies.
I have also introduced an important chapter for students, both as a personal topic of interest, and publication of the best works selected during the academic year. I wanted in this way to encourage and to determine more involvement of students from the Faculty of Medicine, and not only, in academic research and practice in the interaction fields of this profession with psychology and its applications in medicine.
In relation with the previous book named "Behavioral Dental Medicine" which aimed to train the students of the Faculty of Dentistry a general conception bio-psycho-social about illness with numerous transient examples in the field of oral area pathology, this manual has followed to put in the focus the specific dental patient behavior in relation to discomfort caused by disease and its relationship with the dentist.

Content: The importance and the role of behavioral sciences in medical practice. The anxiety, the fear and the pain. The anxiety and the pain, psycho-behavioral approach to children. The anxiety and the pain in dentistry - alternative ways of control. Precepts of general and specific psychosomatic of oral areas’. The approach of the patient with special needs and elderly people. The stress and the cope-ing mechanisms used in the medical practice. Introduction in neuroscience, applications in medicine.

Addressability: Dentists, doctors and dental students, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, doctors and students of applied behavioral and psychosomatic medicine.


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