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Conference – debate “Child abuse”

Bucharest, October 16, 2013


Organized for the first time in Romania, the event “Child abuse” – forms of identification and prevention from the medical and pedagogical perspective, brought to the same table for discussion authorities, medical professionals and specialists involved in the prevention and identification of child abuse to build a collaboration in order to develop a law and a methodology related to child abuse, from mechanisms for identifying and reporting to sanctions and modalities for resolving cases of abuse.

The event marked both the World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children, and the official launch of Romanian Academic Society of Behavioral Sciences.
Unfortunately, child abuse is a very common problem in Romania. According to a Save the Children study, conducted in 2013:

  • 38% of parents recognize child physical abuse in the family;
  • 63% of children say they are beaten at home by their parents, and corrections such as “slap” or “pulling the ear” are not perceived by most parents, and sometimes nor children as behaviors in the field physical abuse;
  • 20% of parents positively appreciate beating as a means of child education.

The effects of child abuse and neglect are lengthy, resulting in emotional, physical and interpersonal problems that can last a lifetime.
Given the high prevalence of violence against children, is necessary a sustained effort to inform and educate for the effects of this phenomenon to be seen as real dangers to children’s development.

    The main categories of specialists who should report a case of child abuse are:

  • Family doctors
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists
  • Social workers
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Pediatricians
  • Ophthalmologists, Otolaryngology doctors
  • Emergency Medicine Doctors, Paramedics
  • Professors
  • Priests

Children who grow up surrounded by violence learn that this attitude is an accepted way to escape the stress, to get what they want or to interact with others, including loved ones. These children assimilate violent attitudes and apply them when they become adults.

In Romania, there is an insufficient legislation and methodology necessary for the identification and prevention from medical and pedagogical perspective of violence and neglect against children.

For example, in California (USA), in case a specialist (from the list of categories required to report) not reports an identified child abuse, he can receive up to 6 months in prison and a fine up to $ 1,000. If this non-reporting of abuse or neglect leading to death or serious bodily injury of the child, the penalty increases to a year in prison or a fine up to $ 5,000, with the possibility of opening a process.

The event, which took place on 16 October 2013, has been shaped around the social component of the Academic Society of Behavioral Sciences, following that the next edition of 5 June 2014 to stand under the scientific component of society as a trainer education and be dedicated exclusively to medical professionals.

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