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Lada parish – social project successfully completed

Under the motto “Together we can more”, Romanian Academic Society of Behavioral Sciences intends to get involved in projects of social interest, aimed at improving the lives of the disadvantaged, especially children who need help.

Social project – the construction of social center “Mana Cereasca” (“Godsend from Lord”), Lada Parish, Teleorman County;

Mana Cereasca Association is a non-governmental organization which activates from January 2012 and appears as social service, especially for marginalized people who are in a difficult situation from and around the Lada parish.

The objectives of the social center were:mana-cereasca

  • It has been provided food for a number of approximately 100 people socially marginalized from Lada Parish (around 40 children and 30 old people were served lunch in the cafeteria, and about 30 old people who can not move have received home food);
  • Here were conducted various creative activities, homework preparation and counseling for a number of 40 children aged 3-14 years coming from poor families.


The social center activities were:mana-cereasca-2

  • The construction, arrangement and endowment of social center Mana Cereasca
  • The provision services by the Social Canteen
  • The identification of cases of children with critical social situation in order to provide them material support and an appropriate educational program
  • The promotion of the project in the community regarding social canteen services provided through local public authorities and the internet
  • The supervision of the project


The project beneficiaries were:mana-cereasca3

  • The children in need coming from poor families in the Lada parish
  • The elderly who have no family and no opportunity to secure decent living conditions in the Lada parish
  • The disadvantaged people without a job or income and who are living in poor conditions in the Lada parish
  • The people with disabilities in the Lada parish



Proiectul Centrului Social

The social center has been divided into 2 parts:

  1. right side
    • dining room, 90 seats
    • workroom
    • food storehouse
    • toilets
  2. left side
    • library and the lecture room
    • workroom for after school activities for organization of small workshops for children of parishioners
    • 2 rooms for temporary housing for social cases (abused women, abandoned children)
    • mediation office
    • medical cabinet
    • 2 spaces of storage for needs of association Mana Cereasca


UMF Ministerul Sanatatii
MTS Ministerul Educatiei

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