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The project “Visul” (“The Dream”) – Valea Dobârlăului parish

(Translation in progress)

“Visul” – “The dream” is the name of the project that will implement an social and educational center for children and elderly from Valea Dobârlăului. You can find details about our cause on the page: http://milostenie.ro/comunitati-sarace/anunt/parohia-dobarlau-vale-jud-covasna-30/

dobarlau-vale-covasnaStarting with February 2014, we support constantly with food, clothing and medicines the children and 40 families of elderly patients without financial possibilities from ourvillage.

The children received, repeatedly, clothes, shoes and school supplies and they received various gifts from Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus and Easter.

We organized various activities and workshops with them and to fulfill their dream of seeing animals to the zoo, we made different objects which later there were sold at auction during the event “On a trip with a trinket”. From the resulting amount, we organized a trip to the zoo and playground, where children have served a hot meal.

To support the children, parents, adolescents and young people from disadvantaged social environments from our village and to improve their situation, our dream is to:

  • arrange a multifunctional space to ensure the sustainability of the educational process,
  • arrange and equip a kitchen and a bathroom, so we can give children a hot meal every day, after classes;
  • arrange a small park for recreational activities for school children and preschoolers from the parish (swings, slides, moving bridge, swings, etc.).

To achieve the above things, we need:

  • construction materials = tiles, faience, gypsum, cement, glue;
  • kitchen furniture = fridge, stove, sink, desk, closets, pots / pans, dishes, different items necessary in the kitchen, table and chairs for dining room, tablecloths, curtains, curtain rails/draperies.

In the short term, we try to operate with a “kitchencampaign”, because in the community center where we operate under an agreement concluded with the City Hall, there is no bathroom and no kitchen.

Together, through this achievement of social-educational center, we can show our peers that God hears their prayers, that the world is wonderful and that people can change their destiny. Hopefully we will not be alone, and many of you will join this dream of children for a more dignified future.

UMF Ministerul Sanatatii
MTS Ministerul Educatiei

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