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The eighth national congress of the history of medicine and pharmacy

Bucharest, June 26-28, 2014

Congress themes

  1. a) The history of academic life in romanian medicine and pharmacy:
    • Doctors and pharmacists in the Romanian Academy
    • The history of Medical Sciences Academy
    • Scientific societies in the history of romanian medicine and pharmacy
    • The history of Romanian Society of History of Medicine and Pharmacy
  2. The history of neuroscience in Romania
  3. The history of romanian medicine in the urban area:
    • The medical Bucharest (from 555 years of documentary attestation)
    • The medicine and pharmacy in the markets and cities: forms of organization, institutions, personalities
  4. The history of biomedical ethics in Romania
  5. The medicine and pharmacy in Brancovan age (300 years after the martyrdom of Saints Brancoveni)
  6. Bibliographic collection of various writings

The venue: Hotel Howard Johnson, (Grand Plaza Hotel), Bucharest, Dorobantilor Way 5-7, phone: +40212015000.

The Congress opening was held Thursday, June 26, at 13:00 at the Conference Hall Arizona.

  • Cocktail reception: Thursday, June 26, at 19.00 in the Hall Iridium, module 1.
  • Coffee breaks: Lobby Arizona.
  • The meeting of the management office and the board of directors of the Romanian Society of Radiology and Imaging: Friday, June 27, at 08.00, Hall Arizona.

More information:

  • Prof. dr. N. Marcu, Str. Valea Călugărească no. 3, bl.D4, sc. H, 3rd floor, ap.78, code 061722, Bucharest. Phone number: 0744.358.526. E-mail: marcunicolae38@yahoo.com
  • Mrs. Bojescu Elena, at the headquarters of Association of Municipalities in Romania (AMR) str. Ionel Perlea no. 10
  • Chairman: Prof. dr. N. Marcu
  • Vice President: Prof. dr. Oct. Buda

UMF Ministerul Sanatatii
MTS Ministerul Educatiei

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